Medium 'Eternal Romance' bouquet. Medeternalromancecombo

Featuring 7 large open leather roses with leather leaves and stems, bound with contrasting leather ribbons.
A central leather rose with 6 more roses around it. A very popular size for the bride. I'll make your roses you in your choice of colours. And the basic design can be customised with extras like leather barbed wire, contrasting lace, sparkly Diamante crystals, fluffy feathers or small beads. I'll be happy provide a quote for any extras you might want.

£135 + delivery
How To Order...

If you need quick delivery I can usually get this style to you within a couple of weeks.

eternalromance6Scarlet red suede roses, with black lace on the middle rose. With emerald green leather leaves and stems teied with scarlet suede ribbons.

eternalromance1Central rose in mixed black, charcoal & pale grey leather. Surrounded by leather roses - 2 of each of the same colours. Black leather leaves and stems wrapped with pale grey leather.


Central rose in cream leather. surrounded by 2 in dark red, 2 more cream and 2 in scarlet suede. Black leather leaves and stems tied with leather ribbons.

Cream leather roses with mixed gold and chocolate leather leaves. Stems tied with gold leather ribbons.

eternalromance8 Cream leather rose surrounded by mixed dark and bright red leather roses. With black leaves and stems.


White leather roses with black lace. Forest green leather leaves and stems tied with black leather ribbons.


Roses in mixed dark and bright red leather. Black leather leaves and stems tied with mixed red leather ribbons.

eternalromance5Leather roses in mixed amethyst and black. Forest green standard leather leaves with extra emerald leather ivy leaves.

eternalromance9 Burgundy leather rose surrounded by 3 black and 3 mixed black & cream roses. With forest green suede leaves. Stems tied with burgundy leather ribbons.