Small mixed leather rose posy. smallmixedcombo

This charming little arrangement features a large open leather rose with surrounded by 4 smaller sweetheart leather roses. With leather leaves and stems, bound with contrasting leather ribbons. Made for you in your choice of colours.
This pretty posy works particularly well with shorter or fifties style wedding dresses. Brides who only want a discreet bouquet also like this style. It's great for popping in your suitcase if you are getting married abroad. It is a popular option for bridesmaids too! If you need a bouquet quickly I can usually get this one to you in a couple of weeks.

£75 + delivery

How To Order...

If you want to add in extras like leather barbed wire, lace, sparkly Diamante crystals or fluffy feathers I'll be happy provide a quote on request. Here are some ideas...

smallmixposy1Bright red roses, mixed black & white leather leaves. Black stems tied with white leather ribbons.

smallmixposy2Amethyst and purple suede roses with a touch of white. Emerald green suede leaves. Stems tied with amethyst and purple ribbons.

smallmixposy3Central rose in mixed black & white leather. 2 white and 2 black (with white lace) sweetheart roses. 4 sprays of diamante crystals.

smallmixposy4Central rose in silver leather. 2 orange and 2 black sweetheart roses. Black leaves & stems tied with orange leather ribbons.

smallmixposy5Central rose in purple leather with black lace. 2 black & purple sweetheart roses. 4 loops of silver leather barbed wire.

smallmixposy6Central rose in mixed black & silver leather. 4 amethyst sweetheart roses. Black leather leaves and stems tied with amethyst leather ribbons.

smallmixposy7Central rose in mixed black and dark red leather. 2 black and 2 dark red sweetheart roses. Black leaves & stems tied with dark red leather ribbons.

smallmixposy8Central rose in mixed emerald and white leather. 2 white and 2 emerald sweetheart roses. Black leaves & stems tied with emerald & white leather ribbons.

smallmixposy9Central rose in cream leather. 2 baby blue and 2 cream sweetheart roses. Forest green leaves & stems tied with blue & cream leather ribbons.